60 years of ministry (1956-2016)

Welcome to Homecoming 2016

60 years of faith . . . friendship . . . food!

Preparations are underway for the Wesley Woods Homecoming Weekend! There are so many ways that you can join the celebration.

Festivities begin on Friday, June 3 with an All Staff Reunion.
2:00pm - Camp is ready for arrival
6:00pm - Hamball dinner!! Followed by wagon rides around camp.
8:00pm - Bonfire, worship, storytelling
Plan to stay overnight at camp and pick your bed - inpost or outpost.

60 years of horses . . . hoedowns . . . hugs!

On Saturday, June 4 everyone is welcome to join in the Summer Kickoff and 60th Anniversary Program.

1:00pm - Summer Kick Off starts (with all the regular camp activities)
2:30pm - 60th Anniversary Program
4:30pm - BBQ supper

7:00pm - Worship led by current summer staff


60 years of memories . . . music . . . mudslides!


We invite you to bring any memorabilia (pictures, old camp t-shirts, that spoon you whittled) to share. There will be a 30 foot Memory Wall set up in the lodge that will let you share your memories and contributions to the legacy of Wesley Woods. Plus, there will be homecoming weekend shirts and a book commemorating the history of Wesley Woods for sale.


60 years of campers . . . staff . . . volunteers . . . directors


We are excited that former and current directors Dave & Sharron Schar, Art Allen, and Deke Rider will be in attendance as well as former staff from the past six decades. Can we count on you as well?


All meals and lodging for the weekend will be free will offering. Reservations need to be made May 1, 2016 with Joanne or Kim by email at or phone at 515-961-4523.


60 years of Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center!